How Can We Help You?


We accept payment methods via credit card, PayPal and wire transfer.


We ship directly to your address and we provide national standard shipping as well as via DHL. The costs are calculated based on your location and we track the orders digitally.


The customer can return the product within the period of two weeks from the day of receiving the product. The customer will pay the shipping costs.


Our products are tested and come with a 2-year warranty. We have certificates for all of the materials we use for the production of our tables. This is a list of all of our certificates for quality and conformity.






What type of table boards do you have?

– Walnut wood Table Board
– Epoxy Resin + Walnut wood Table Board

Can the wooden tables be used outside?

The wooden tables are only for interior use.

How are the metal legs colored?

– The metal legs are electrostatically coated in black colour with a satin finish are only for interior use.

Can the metal legs scratch the floor?

– We use covers with non-slip silicone caps for protection against scratching different kinds of floors.

How to avoid damaging the wooden surface?

– Clean any kind of spilt liquids with a cloth immediately!

– Do not expose the product to direct sunlight or heat sources (heat/boiling cups, pots or heaters).

– Do not place the product in a room with a high percentage of humidity.

– Do not write on paper with pen/pencil/permanent marker if the paper is placed directly on the wooden board.

How to clean the wooden surface?

– Use a slightly wet microfiber or cotton cloth for cleaning.

– NEVER use nail polish remover or anything containing acetone on your wooden table.

– NEVER use any product containing bleach or bleach alternative on your wooden table as it may cause discolouration.

How to avoid scratching the wooden surfaces?

– ALWAYS use a placemat between cups (or pots) and the wooden board.

– It is recommended for the placemat to be of soft materials, such as textile cloth, cork and other materials with soft surfaces.

– Do not place sharp and scratchy objects on the product or drag them on the surface of the product.

What shapes of coffee tables do you have?

– Circle shape
– Square shape
– Rectangular shape
– Rectangular shape with Uneven Sides

How are the wooden boards protected?

The finish of the wooden boards is protected with waxes and oils made of natural plants.