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The Coyaconeya factory was established in 2017 and it is located on a peaceful field in Europe. Having in mind the sustainability, ecology, and environmental responsibility, together with the wonderful local craftsmen we developed a manufacturing process which carefully chosen recycling raw materials turns into a unique and wooden product with excellent quality and unique original design.

Each and every Coyaconeya wooden table is made with attention to detail, and everything is made in the factory, which is consisted of:

– Photovoltaic centre where solar energy is produced for the powering the machines;

– Drying room for wood to improve the quality of the raw material for long-lasting life-span;

– Planted trees to give back to nature what it gives to us.


The photovoltaic centre consists of 100kw REFUsol industrial PV Systems which save 90% of electricity during the production process of wooden tables.
  • The emission of CO2 is near zero.
  • The electricity produced by solar cells is clean and silent.
  • Photovoltaic systems do not release any harmful air or water pollutants into the environment.
  • It is not depleting the natural resources.
  • It is not endangering the animals or human health.


The cabin for drying wood has the capacity to dry 40 m2 of wood at once.

  • Less likelihood of stain or decay during storage and use.
  • Controlled temperature, airflow and humidity levels, resulting in dried lumber with better quality.
  • It is easy to bring down the moisture content of the green lumber to the desired level.
  • 100% less susceptibility to insect damage.


By planting trees in Serbia we increase the wood resources on our planet in terms of:
  • Cleaning the air with the help of the leaves on the trees;
  • Slowing water runoff with the roots, which can keep approximately 2,000 litres of water annually that helps recharge the underground water reserves and prevent soil erosion;
  • Cooling our homes, streets, and cities up to 12°C by casting shade, saving our money on energy costs like up to 25% on energy bills and increasing property value by 20%;
  • Reduce pollution with CO2;
  • Helping buffer noise pollution, especially near bridges, freeways or airports;
  • Trees are a wonderful part of our natural landscape and they make a great decoration indoors or outdoors.